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Roof Damage Repair

Hail, snow and more kinds of weather related damage can happen at any time.

Covenant Roofing works to save client’s investments by helping them tackle storm roof damage in Oklahoma City, OK. For excellent customer service, we provide insurance assistance and emergency roofing services. Call us at 405-720-6200 to learn more.

After a storm, you should reach out to Covenant Roofing for a roofing inspection. If damage has been done and you receive an estimate, you can use it to file a claim for the cost of repairs to your home. During the estimation process, our Covenant contractors will make a list of choice repairs for you.

Storm Damage in Oklahoma City, OK

Tip: Always remember that regular maintenance is the best way to avoid long term damage. Ask your Covenant roofer about preventative roofing today.

Of all the states, Oklahoma records the largest number of tornadoes each year. Oklahoma’s particular variety of turbulent weather means that our customers remain at threat from hail and high winds consistently throughout the year. All these storms make insurance doubly necessary. With Covenant Roofing, you always have a partner throughout the insurance claim process. Our insurance claims department will walk you step by step through any problem you might experience.

Damage Preventative Roofing

Storms bring all sorts of destruction to the area in the forms of hail, wind, rain, and snow. These all cause very different kinds of damage. Fortunately, there are ways to combat the exponential damage: preventative damage roofing.

  • Regular repairs:
    Customers in Oklahoma can  undergo wind damage on a daily basis. It can be hard to keep up with the constant need for repairs. Wind damage can also accumulate unseen, which makes your roof vulnerable in a storm. Prevent this accumulation of damage through scheduled maintenance and repairs with Covenant Roofing.
  • Add a Roof Coat
    For an improved roofing system, upgrade it with a roof coat. Roof coats are great because they are relatively inexpensive and easily installed by a Covenant roofer. Roof coats are designed to be heat reflective and act as a line of defense against the weather. Hail and the wind will be less likely to damage your roof through a roof coat.

image of tree fallen on a roof

Severe winds can even topple trees to render tremendous damage to your roof.

Types of Roof Damage

Two primary types of roof damage occur throughout Oklahoma: hail and wind. Each of these has its own particular effect, and deliver a wallop when experienced together. High winds can fling hail at even greater speeds, which can severely damage and even puncture your roof. The next time you experience high winds or a hail storm, contact Covenant Roofing right away for an inspection.

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