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Residential Roof Repairs

Broken roof shingles and roof leaks are troublesome, but you don’t have to repair your roof on your own. If you experience any roofing problems, schedule residential roof repair in Oklahoma City, OK from Covenant Roofing. Our fantastic service fixes all roofing issues for our customers. Our work puts you in charge by making sure you get exactly what you need. Call 405-720-6200 for residential roof repair now.

Residential Roof Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

We offer homeowners comprehensive roof repair services. We’ll repair any damaged or broken roofing membranes, roof leaks, roof shingles, roof panels and more. When you call a Covenant Roofer, know that honesty is most important to us. We’ll never sell you anything you don’t need. No roof leak is ever treated with a roof replacement if it isn’t necessary. You will never get a hard sell from our team, and will have the opportunity to make your own decisions about anything we offer.

The mission of Covenant Roofers is to build long-lasting roofs for our customers. Along with roofing repairs, we recommend scheduling recurring maintenance. With regular maintenance, we can check on your roof and keep a heads up on upcoming repairs.

There’s nothing better than peace of mind when you own a home. With our help, homeowners can take care of all roofing matters without a headache. Because we offer roof repair for all roofing types, we’re able to make suggestions based on your needs.

Common Residential Roof Repair

Damage To Roofing Shingles

Wind Damaged shingles

In Oklahoma, strong winds present a serious problem for shingle roofs. The wind can displace the shingles themselves, or carry debris that impacts for serious damage. Wind also causes damage that appears unapparent to most homeowners. Stress points will appear around your roof, and most frequently at the eaves, that can cause serious problems as they worsen. Our team knows how to both find and repair this damage, along with any other issues caused through wind.

Hail Damage

Hail can cause serious damage to any type of roof. On asphalt shingles, hail damage will appear like pockmarks across your roof. This is not only unattractive, but makes your roof highly vulnerable to leaks. Even metal roofs can acquire unsightly dents from hail.

Flashing Repair

Flashing represents a particularly vulnerable area of most roofs. Usually made of metal, flashing gets installed to protect gaps, seams, or joints around the roof. Flashing that has become damaged may rust, or present a visible gap. Sometimes, you will see damage caused by a rodent or squirrel intent on entering your home. As a homeowner, you should have damaged flashing repaired soon, as it makes your home vulnerable to leaks.

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